Swiss National Park CEO reaches Mt Kilimanjaro summit

RUDOLF Michael Haller, the Director of the Swiss National Park, yesterday reached the peak of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, according to the Senior Assistant Conservation Commissioner of the Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), Pascal Shelutete.

Accompanied by his wife Barbara, Haller said that he was happy to have accomplished his lifetime dream.

“This will now be recorded in my diary and, for sure, I will be your goodwill ambassador in promoting Mt. Kilimanjaro in Switzerland,” Haller told Assistant Conservation Commisioner and Commanding Officer of the Kilimanjaro National Park, Angela Nyaki, who met the couple at Marangu gate where they exchanged ideas on the best ways to collaborate and encourage tourism in Kilimanjaro and Switzerland.

Haller is the Director of Switzerland’s only national park. He was in Tanzania for the special mission of climbing Mountain Kilimanjaro that took him five days to accomplish.