Tanzania High Court rules against new online content regulations

The High Court in Mtwara Region today has issued a temporary injunction restraining the use of the Online Content Regulation which was to be in effect on the 5th of May, 2018. The court has issued the injunction following an application filed by Six Civil societies and Media stakeholders against the enforcement of the Regulations earlier on the 30th of April, this year.

The institutions that filed application were the Legal and Human Rights Cente (LHRC), the Tanzania Human Rights Defenders (THRDC), the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT), Jamii Media, the Tanzania Media Women’s Association (TAMWA) and Tanzania Editors Forum (TEF).

During the Judicial Review, the six Civil societies and Media stakeholders have filed a case against the Minister of Information, the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) and the Attorney General. In the primary applications, the applicant has requested the High Court to review the Regulations based on the claims that:

i) The minister has exercised legal authority outside his jurisdiction (ultra vires).

ii) The regulations violate principles of natural justice.

(iii) These regulations violate the freedom of expression, the right to be Heard and the right to privacy.

The main case is scheduled for hearing on the 10th of May 2018

Original report by the Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition (THRDC)

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  1. Bichwa kubwa 6 years ago

    At least, now we have people of defending us on our freedom of expression and violence goes on



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