Immigrants in Sweden lament about ‘what keeps them awake at night’

“The lack of social interaction, the lack of Vitamin D, the lack of spontaneity…”

IF you have never migrated to a foreign country, you may not understand the hardships migrants face and what they go through to make it.

And for some of you who think life is easy and pleasant in Europe, here is a spontaneous “revelation” from some of those who have been there before you. It’s not easy. 

A case in point is Sweden.

Vasa Museum

On its Instagram account, the NEWBIE GUIDE TO SWEDEN posted a random question to immigrants living in Sweden. 

The responses are numerous, natural, and exciting, depicting the real life challenges that foreign residents in Sweden endure on a daily basis.

Here is the question: “What keeps you awake at night about life in Sweden?”

The answers range from the anxiety of not being able to go out of Sweden when a temporary resident waits for a decision on permit renewal from the Swedish Migration Board, to life in an environment with a lack of vitamin D, the absence of social interaction and spontaneous engagements. 

Other respondents speak of the hardships they encounter in facing racist comments and reactions from far-right Swedes and other demagogues.

One resident laments about losing the level and standard of living they had before relocating to Sweden. 

The stress of having to learn a new language as an adult, and the worries associated with the consequences of the expiring work contract are part of the narrative. 

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