Waning civic space in Tanzania prompts strong report on rights abuses. Magufuli’s autocratic regime under fire.

THERE are apparent worries over a waning civic space in Tanzania. The president is spreading fear everywhere as means of asserting his control over everybody and every institution. With a rising trend of autocratic leadership in the once peaceful country in the Southern African region, there are obviously impending risks on the region’s political and economic stability, unless something gets done before it is too late.

With this in mind, a Pan-African Human Rights Defenders Network has published a report, highlighting major pitfalls in the authoritarian regime of President John Magufuli. The report emphasizes the ugly fact that “Tanzania’s once open society has been hijacked by those who believe that human rights threaten their grip on power, and must be traded for economic development.” Here is a copy of the June 2018 report by Defend DefendersSpreading Fear Asserting Control Final


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