A new book – “I AM THE STATE: A President’s Whisper From Chato,” – that highlights grand corruption, nepotism, and abuse of power by Late President John Magufuli  – is out. 

The book launch was held at Peacock Hotel in Dar es Salaam, on Friday 14th April 2023, graced by Bishop Benson Bagonza of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT), Karagwe Diocese.

The book – which faults the late president’s investments in his home town, Chato – is co-authored by senior journalists Ansbert Ngurumo, Jesse Kwayu, Absalom Kibanda, and Neville Meena; edited by seasoned journalist and author Ndimara Tegambwage.

Bishop Bagonza wished the book had been published while Magufuli was still in power. He, however, acknowledged the fact that it would have been an impossible endeavour, following the late dictator’s efforts to silence every critical and analytical voice.

He then said:

This book is part of the movement to demand the establishment of strong check and balance institutions capable of holding our leaders to account when they knowingly violate the country’s laws.

Apart from the book, the project,  carried out by two companies  – SK Media and Media Brains  – also released a video documentary on the same subject.

The documentary was prepared in Kiswahili while the book was done in English. Both versions are undergoing a translation in order to suit a wider audience at national and international levels.

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