SIX centuries before Christ, when pre-socratic philosophers were engaged in determining the source of life, Thales of Miletus – the first western philosopher and scientist – expounded a theory that said it was water. Not everyone agreed with him, though. Yes, we are used to saying, “Water is life,” but few, if any, think of Thales’ theory.

Yet, throughout philosophical and historical references, this earliest Greek philosopher and mathematician is credited for expounding a theory about the universe being composed of a single kind of matter – water.

Little or never was it expected that 27 centuries later, modern scientists would come up with a discovery that would amaze everyone about the presence of the biggest ocean, 700 kilometres beneath the earth’s surface.

Thales and other pre-socratic thinkers might not have thought of it this way when they advanced theories about water, air, fire, and so on, but this new discovery is likely to raise and answer more astronomical, metaphysical, geographical, and philosophical questions.

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