Tanzania’s VP hints on president’s detereorating health

TWO days after Tanzania’s Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa said President John Magufuli was in sound health and working, Vice President Samia Suluhu came up with a different narrative hinting on the president’s ill health.

This contradiction of statement between the two top leaders confirms the rumours that have been surrounding Magufuli’s sudden and unusual absence from the public eye for over two weeks now.

The Vice President’s statement on the matter was made on Monday morning at Mkata Centre on the first day of her 5-day tour of Tanga region.

Samia made the statement yesterday on the first day of her working tour of Tanga region. She said: “It is common for humans to undergo medical checkups; it might be flu, fever or checkup against whatever illness you may think of… trust me, we are safe.” Then she asked Tanzanians to show solidarity, to be calm and remain united “during these trying moments.”

Her public rally had a high presence of heavy security details and was broadcast live by the national broadcaster (TBC) – an unusual circumstance in the VP’s regional tours since Magufuli came to power in 2015.

Immediately after the VP’s statement, one scholar told SAUTI KUBWA: “Her statement carries a strong message. It proves that the president is sick, and he is probably suffering from the Coronavirus. By emphasing that we are safe, she means she is inc control and the country is safe in her hands; and by saying we should stay strong and united in national solidarity during these trying moments, she is calling on everyone to support her in her upcoming role.”

On Tuesday, at Pangani, the vice president claimed to have spoken to president Magufuli early in the morning. But SAUTI KUBWA is informed about Magufuli’s serious condition that has already prompted secret discussions on the possible transition of power.

Samia’s statement comes at a time when there are rumors that President Magufuli has been bedridden since 3rd March and is being treated against COVID-19 infections, which have worsened his longtime cardiac challenges.

President Magufuli has not been seen in public for three weeks since 27th February 2021, and several of the events he was supposed to take part in have been postponed.

Also, there are rumors, for consecutive days, that he has passed away since 12th March 2021, and that what the state organs are doing is buying time for putting in place an environment that will be calm for a dignified state funeral program.

Some credible sources say that VP Samia’s official visit to Tanga Region is a national security strategy for setting the general public’s readiness on unfortunate news on the death of President Magufuli.

Samia’s statement apparently contradicts Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa’s stand last week – while in Njombe Region—who claimed to have spoken to President Magufuli over the phone; “the president is safe and sound while discharging his official duties.” Majaliwa, who had embarked on a tour in the southern regions, suddenly postponed the visit and returned to Dar es Salaam without publicly giving the reason for such a postponement.

Prime Minister Majaliwa, just like Mbeya Regional Commissioner, Albert Chalamila, last week said “President Magufuli is in good health and busy working in his office,” after reports that he had been flown abroad in critical condition with Covid-19.

Prime Minister Majaliwa strongly – although with long face, depicting something is wrong, blamed those who are asking for the whereabouts or health status of Magufuli as “hateful” – especially some Tanzanians living abroad.

President Magufuli, 61, is known to have been planted a pacemaker.

Other reports indicate that some ministers and high-ranking government officials have been totally denied information concerning the controversial president’s health status. It is understood that all information now is carefully controlled by a special unit in the Tanzania’s intelligence and security service department (TISS).

One source has said the government would be ready to make a statement to the public in the middle or this weekend. Also, there are reports that what is delaying the government from making public statement is that the key decision makers are under informed of what is actually going on regarding the president’s health.

Meanwhile, government propaganda machinery has been spreading disinformation about Magufuli’s health condition, with some distributing videos and photos showing him presiding at previous events, while others have claimed that he is fasting as a part of his Lent season program, according to the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church to which he belongs.

One source told SAUTI KUBWA; “Forget it all. He cannot, and will not wake up again, unless there is a Lazarus’ miracle.”

In another development, the police force is holding 10 individuals, including a senior citizen aged 73 years, for allegedly spreading rumours on the health and whereaboutsof President Magufuli.