Tanzania’s leader of opposition in parliament attacked, beaten up, injured

A group of unknown people have assailed, severely beaten up and injured the Leader of Official Opposition in Parliament in Tanzania, Freeman Mbowe, at his residence in Area D, Dodoma.

According to preliminary reports from Dodoma, Mbowe met his assailants on the steps of his flat this night, June 7, 2020., shortly before entering his residence.  

“He didn’t manage to enter. They dragged him, threw him to the ground, and beat him up severely, warning him against criticising the president. Before neighbours came to his rescue, the damage has been done. He is in severe pain. One his legs has been badly twisted, and he fears it is broken,” a family source told SAUTI KUBWA. He was rushed to Dodoma Christian Medical Centre 

Mbowe and other Members of Parliament are attending a parliamentary budget session in Dodoma City, two months before this year’s general election.

Under President John Magufuli, Tanzania has been characterised by the politics of brutality and intimidation since he came to power in 2015.

In September 2017, the opposition chief whip, Tundu Lissu, miraculously survived an assassination attempt as unknown people shot at his car and injured him severely at his residence in Dodoma. Three years on, no one has been suspected, arrested or prosecuted for this criminal act.


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