Tanzania’s first lady denied access to husband’s hospital bed

THREE weeks after President John Magufuli was shielded from the public due to sickness and subsequent hospitalisation, it has emerged that even his immediate family members do not access him.

Sources close to the first lady, Janet, told SAUTI KUBWA that she had not seen her husand since matters got worse, over a week ago.

There is a high level of secrecy around Magufuli’s whereabouts, tightly controlled by the country’s intelligence and security forces.

Janeth was allowed to see her husband during the first few days of his illness at the State House in Dar es Salaam, sources said.

Unconfirmed reports say Magufuli was diagnosed with COVID-19 and later developed a stroke after experienceing some cardiac complications. Some of our sources say he is hospitalised at Mzena State Hospital in Dar es Salaam.

Intelligence agents have prevented his wife and children from seeing him in his current condition. “Janet doesn’t know where he is and how he is; neither are his children,” a highly placed source said.

It is reported that the move is meant to control information on President Magufuli’s health situation.

Janet’s apparent illness

The sources have revealed, however, that prior to Magufuli’s health challenges, Janet had been experiencing respiratory difficulties while in Dodoma in early February 2021.

She has not been seen in public for about 50 days but sources said she is now “doing a bit well.”

Reliable reports confirmed by anonymous officers in Dar es Salaam and Dodoma told SAUTI KUBWA that after being diagnosed with the virus, her husband “advised” her to use local herb remedies, including steaming inhalation.

However, the family doctor, Professor Mabula Mchembe, advised Mrs Magufuli to also use hospital medications.

It was by Janet’s suggestion that the family returned to the State House in Dar es Salaam as she wished to access services from other unnamed family doctors.

The government is still tight-lipped about Magufuli’s health and his whereabouts – even amidst unconfirmed reports that he is “clinically dead.”

The country’s Vice President Samia Suluhu, recently said President Magufuli was doing well, although she had hinted earlier on that he was undergoing some medical checks.