Tanzania apprehends 7 Pakistanis in possession of one ton of heroin in fishing dhow

IN a heavily joint operation in the Indian Ocean today on the Tanzanian nautical zone, the Drug Control and Enforcement Authority and the army have apprehended seven people believed to be Pakistani nationals onboard a fishing dhow with more than one ton of heroin.

Those captured are Jan Mohammed Miranira (captain), Amir Hussein, Yusiph bin Hamad, Salim bin Mohammad, Ikbal Pakir Mohammad, Jawid Nuhan  Nur Mohammad and Mustaphar Nowani Kadirbaksh.

Tipped-off, the joint team captured the boat along the shore of Kilwa Masoko town, Lindi Region, in a dhow bearing the name “Al Arbo.” It was not immediately known if the boat was registered in Tanzania or other countries.

“We were tipped-off regarding a drug consignment likely to be delivered mid-sea by a dhow from Pakistan. In a joint exercise we zeroed in on the suspected boat as soon as it entered our territorial waters,” said one official of DCEA who preferred anonymity.

He added that eight Pakistani nationals were apprehended and more than 1,000 kg of heroin was seized from them. The market value of the seized drugs is estimated to be about $ 35,000 per kilo in the international market.

The accused said heroin consignments were being smuggled on board dhows from Pakistan and they were being dropped at various coastal locations on the Tanzania border.

More news to follow.