Rest in peace Edward Lowasa, Tanzania’s enigmatic prime minister

OF all Tanzania’s prime ministers, dead and alive,  two individuals stand out as probably the most influential figures in the country’s political landscape as of today.

Between 1960 and 2024, Tanzania has had 11 prime ministers – Julius Nyerere, Rashid Kawawa, Edward Sokoine, Salim Ahmed Salim, Joseph Warioba, John Malecela, Cleopa Msuya, Frederick Sumaye, Edward Lowassa, Mizengo Pinda, and Kassim Majaliwa.

But history has it that Nyerere, who later became the country’s first president, and Lowassa, who became the first former premier to run for president on the opposition ticket in 2015, were the most influential, each in his own way.

Lowassa rejoined the ruling party in 2019 following a series of threats by the dictatorial regime of John Magufuli.

Edward, as his close friends addressed him, breathed his last on 10th February 2024 and was laid to rest on 17th February 2024.

THIS OBITUARY deservedly says it all.