Magufuli government targets “traitors” for tarnishing the president’s name abroad

Tundu Lissu - FILE PHOTO

A government-harboured hit squad in Tanzania is reportedly targeting a specified number of “most wanted  individuals” allegedly implicated for “tarnishing the name of President John Magufuli.” The government calls them traitors.

Secret informers have told SAUTI KUBWA that authorities are concerned about what the individuals in question are doing while abroad assisted by unidentified individuals/organisations in Tanzania.

The list contains 10 names, but only six of them were availed to SAUTI KUBWA. They include Tundu Lissu, Deogratias Munishi, Damian Mwingira, Evarist Chahali, Thobias Marandu, and Ansbert Ngurumo.

They are accused of collaborating with foreigners, especially media, to report negatively on matters pertaining to Tanzania’s politics, human rights and international relations.

Lissu is a Member of Parliament for Singida East, who miraculously survived an assassination on 7th September 2018. He is currently undergoing treatment in Brussels, Belgium. From his hospital bed he offers media interviews and writes profusely on social media, influencing public opinion on a number of national and international issues. “He keeps on criticising the government and the special squad is nervous of him being alive” the source revealed.

SAUTI KUBWA has inside information on the master plan architected by the squad to bail out the government from Lissu’s failed assassination. This includes efforts of appealing to the public that the assassination attempt was planned and executed by CHADEMA leaders. Earlier, SAUTI KUBWA reported how President Magufuli reacted immediately after the inhuman life elimination act in Tanzania’s Dodoma political capital. On the same day of the assassination, President Magufuli forced the then Minister of Home Affairs, Mwigulu Nchemba to come out and distance the government from the failed assassination attempt. The latter is said to have resisted the order claiming it had no merit, hence his sucking from the cabinet in subsequent days.

Munishi, head of foreign affairs for Tanzania’s main opposition party – Chadema, is reportedly to be in the UK for academic purposes. His international connections and communication scare the regime, which is partly attributing to him, among others, much of what foreign governments and international organisations say or do when criticising the Tanzania government.

SAUTI KUBWA has been reliably informed on how the gang is desperately hunting for Munishi who is said to be in constant communication with International organizations abroad briefing on Tanzania state of affairs.

It is revealed that Munishi, who also served as first secretary general of the vibrant Chadema Youth Wing (BAVICHA), has been on the squad’s surveillance soon after the disappearance of Ben Saanane, the assistant of the leader of official opposition and Chadema national Chairman. “He is a very talented person that Chadema relies on to communicate with the world. The plan was to eliminate him in the same way as they did to Ben Saanane but he was lucky to be away.  It came to be known later that he went to the UK, ” the informer said.

Ngurumo, a critical journalist and former Managing editor of Tanzania Daima and MwanaHALISI newspapers, works as editor and publisher for this website. Presently in Finland, he fled his country in November 2017, escaping from kidnappers by the skin of his teeth – the same people apparently implicated in the kidnapping of his fellow journalist, Azory Gwanda, of Mwananchi newspaper the same month. He has done a series of meeting with foreign officials, as well as interviews with Finnish and international media – particularly BBC and Deutsche Welle – exposing ineffable human rights violations in the Magufuli regime.

US-based Marandu runs and posts video clips that keep criticising the government of Tanzania, particularly the president.

Chahali is a former security operative of the Tanzania Intelligence and Security Service (TISS). He writes critically on social media about Magufuli’s regime and its brutal operations. He has been strongly condemning him of harbouring corruption, nepotism and tribalism. As a strong social media user and influencer, it is said the president and his loyalists are very unhappy and struggle to hit him down. However, according to the inner source, they find it difficult to punish Chalali as he currently lives in Scotland.

Mwingira is a sudden mention as he is not an established name in the system, but some sources claim he is an opposition’s new recruit who has been found to be using some of his international links against the government. His whereabouts are not clearly known, but there are indications he might be abroad in one of European countries.

Tanzania under Magufuli has lost its long established fame of being a centre of peace and stability on the Eastern and Southern blocks of Africa. Dictatorship is on the rise, as the president and his cronies target to crack down on every dissenting and critical voice.

A special group of individuals from security forces that appears to be autonomous and independent of government forces – established by the regime – has been targeting all those said to be against the President and his government. A number of critics have miraculously disappeared and others kidnapped and killed.

In one of his recent visits to Italy, Tanzania’s Foreign Affairs Minister Augustine Mahiga recklessly told a group of his country men that his government would “do whatever it takes to get hold of these unpatriotic critics and teach them a lesson.”


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