Tanzania government makes suicidal, contradictory statements on Dewji’s whereabouts

CONTRADICTIONS abound between statements made by the Tanzania government and police authorities regarding the whereabouts of Africa’s youngest billionaire, Mohammed Dewji (Mo), who was abducted on Thursday last week in Dar es Salaam.

SAUTI KUBWA has done a brief analysis of separate media briefings by a senior government official and a senior police commander in Dar es Salaam.  Both briefings were done on Thursday 11th October 2018. They sought to answer the vital question: “Has Mo been found?” The analysis of their statements shows a clear contradiction, competition, confusion and deception.

The Dar es Salaam regional authorities have been seeking unnecessary public attention by seemingly competing with police in briefing the media about the incident. Paul Makonda, the Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, also doubling as chair for the regional security council, and Lazaro Mambosasa (pictured above), the Zonal Police Commander for Dar es Salaam, held separate press conferences on Thursday last week, and subconsciously implicated their own government.

THERE IS EVIDENCE in two video clips.

PAUL MAKONDA: In this clip played from 0:28 to 0:35 seconds, the RC says: “The right answer is, Mo has been found (rescued), and the culprits have been apprehended by our state security organs.”

LAZARO MAMBOSASA: In this clip played from 0:40 to 0:49 seconds, the ZPC says: “There are no new reports. We are still on the search for Dewji and those who abducted him.” From 0:50 to 1:10 seconds, he insists: “Unconfirmed reports say that he (Mo) has been found. Some are saying he was found in Coco Beach. But based on reports from my office – and these are official reports – he has not yet been found, and his abductors have not been apprehended.”

This confusion adds fuel to serious allegations that have been implicating the government in the abduction of Mo, as already confirmed by credible sources from the government that Makonda and his men certainly know where the billionaire is, as previously reported by SAUTI KUBWA.  

The government’s statements in such a sensitive incident, are clearly self-implicating and suicidal. The billionaire’s kidnapping has aroused fresh sentiments and criticism against President John Magufuli who, on several occasions has been making reckless and derogatory statements against rich people.  He is on record – video below – as saying, “previously, rich people would do anything. The difference is, with me, under my administration, they can be treated anyhow; anything can happen to them.


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