Remanded Esther Matiko tells supporters: “Don’t be afraid, I am strong!”

Esther Matiko, holding a book titled "God CEO."

HOLDING a book titled “God CEO” close to her chest,  and flanked by prison officers as she entered the High Court of Tanzania from Segerea Prison on Thursday morning November 29, 2018, Tarime Rural Member of Parliament Esther Matiko (pictured) told hundreds of supporters and sympathisers gathered in the court premises: “Don’t be afraid, I am strong.” This is a courageous voice from a female MP in remand prison.

She and opposition leader Freeman Mbowe are appealing against a court decision that revoked their bail last week and sent them to remand prison for reasons deemed flimsy and politically orchestrated.

Her strong voice is reminiscent of Mbowe’s inspirational statement in court on the day the duo were taken to prison. As masses of party zealots and supporters sympathetically gathered around him and Esther, seconds before police rushed him to their vehicle, Mbowe told them: “Don’t be afraid. Tomorrow will be better than yesterday. We will win this battle.”



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